Mixed by Rene Touil
Here you can download mixes Rene Touil
Layers of Fear @deepinradio


Every Tuesday , an hour before midnight (23:00 MSK)
Rene Touil offers to plunge into the atmosphere of light music in the style of "Deep House". On Deepinradio site (http://www.deepinradio.com/)

Polish pain@deepinradio


Throughout the changing mix of mood and music of paint, but you never for a moment leave the atmosphere zemli.Miks generally more than unusual and interesting, first of all, perhaps, its unpredictability and powerful luxury audio phrases.

Big Daddy@deepinradio


The atmosphere is at once mystical and vibrant nights, which is enough mystery takes place in a climate of slowing down and a heck of a nice collection of trucks on this mix! Like the film by Tarantino! . But the most delicious, unexpected, unpredictable hidden in the heart of this mix! Strong stylish mix of Rene Touil, who will delight old and new fans of Deep house music.

 Completely unexpected and absolutely pleasant surprise from RENE TOUIL If we talk about general impressions from the music, YOU DO NOT be disappointed. High-grade, "very tasty" WORK OF THE HAND RENE TOUIL.
 The basic idea History Of Subliminal - its fabulous listening to the mix as if you find yourself in a different, magical reality where there is beauty, tranquility, and amazing things happen.

 Sound elements of a modern minimalist Deep sound of Rene Touil These rhythmic sounds deep look elaborate and quite appropriate on a luxury background surreal mind-blowing sounds and fantastic atmospheric motions, because in another Rene Touil not know how! This mix it makes us sink into the Deep dance.

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