The DJ career charming girl with a hot-ispepelyayusche alias Rene Touil (Renata Kayumova) started only recently and very swiftly. She has managed to ignite a lot of clubs in Russia, as well as winning the Moscow public. Starting his career DJ Rene touil thoroughly got down to business by investing in each of his new job that is unusual, original and at the same time current. Love for music since childhood Renata. And to be exactly as she says, from 2010 I downloaded the program, and sat something trying to do about it. In January 2014 she graduated from the school of DJs and since then has been actively working on their creative development. For a DJ brought me a love of music, the desire to start a crowd and give positive emotions! Considering how much negativity in our lives today, a DJ is someone who needs to set your time to invest all of himself, and to make sure that people moving on the dance floor in the general rhythm and forget about pressing issues. For such a short time has managed to play in several major markets, including the project of Premier League, "UEFA kind hearts."

At the moment, apart from club performances Rene Touil has its

Radio program (About music in the style lounge)

«Feel The Music» on the waves Internet radio (Kazakhstan) goes every Thursday at 19:00 Moscow time.